Counter Current / Swim Jets

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What is a counter current or swim jet, sometimes referred to as "Endless pools" and why would I consider one?

The popular Badu range of counter current jets provide a high powered jet of water, just bellow the surface, enabling you to stay in one place in the pool, while the water itself moves, hence turning a small pool into an Endless swim. They can be added after the pool is constructed, simply by bolting on to one end of your above ground Family or wooden pool (sorry, they are not suitable for easy set or frame type package pools). Enjoy hours of exercise in a pool of limited size. No turning round at the end of a length! No more going to the local pool for your workout. Exercise at home whenever you want. They can be directly bolted on to a wooden pool, or fitted to one of our range of Family pools with the use of the optional support kit.

Adjustable venturi and on/off controls that can be operated from inside the pool while you are swimming, add air to the jet, and therefore adjust the power, from an easy bubbly swim to a heavy water jet only workout (more powerful Badu models, and in ground types, available on request).

The jets also help to keep your pool water in good condition as they circulate and oxidise the water. Feedback that we get from customers, tell us that their pool water has never been so healthy since they started to use a counter current jet!

They do not require any additional electrical installation. All our jets run off of a 13AMP supply (plug in type RCD safety device advised, if the main consumer unit is not a RCD type).

Features include: 

 2395 - including carriage

Ex-display model available 895 - please call

 235 - Telescopic support assembly (required for Steel walled pools)

 1199 - New Aquajet Model 2.5KW - image coming soon...


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