Summer Escapes / Easy Set / Bestway Quick up Pools

We stock the major brands of this type of pool, including Intex, Bestway and Summer Escapes

The Easy set or quick up swimming pool is as easy as it gets. It can be ready for water in ten minutes. Simply select a level area, blow up the top ring and fill with water.
As the water rises, the top ring floats and the pool rises. Connect the pump/filter and add kids! There are no sharp edges or steel, no sand required, no special tools required, easily taken down for winter storage. Super tough three ply side walls, easy drain plug that connects to a garden hose to drain the water away from the pool area.


No sand required, no special tools, super tough three ply multi layer pool side walls, quick to take down for winter storage, easy drain plug connects to a garden hose to drain away from pool area.

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10' x 30" Bestway Easy Set Pool

Pool only 


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8' x 26" Bestway Easy Set Pool

Pool only


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Bestway 3KW Heater More Info Add to cart 89
Solar Cover for 10' Easy Set pool (not frame pool) Add to cart 14.95
Solar Cover for 12' Easy Set pool (not frame pool) Add to cart 28.95
Solar Cover for 15' Easy Set or fits 12' Frame pool Add to cart 24.95
16' x 10' Solar Cover Add to cart 49 (For use with 15'x10'x42" Quick Up pools)
36" Ladder Add to cart 32.95
Chemical Starter Kit Add to cart 39.95
Maintenance Kit (Venturi Vac, Leaf Net with pole) Add to cart 13.95
Additional Plastic Hose 1" per meter Add to cart 3.99 
Pump / Filter 530gph for 10' & 12' pool Add to cart 39.95
Pump / Filter 800gph for 15' pool or upgrade from 10' & 12' pool Add to cart 49.95
Replacement Filters for 12' & 15' A size Add to cart 3.99 each  (only available in boxed quantity of 12's = 47.88)
Bestway Flow Clear sand filter upgrade pump Add to cart 119  Including sand



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