Pool Maintenance and cleaning

Pool picture Winter cover fitting 2012

We offer a pool cleaning and maintenance service within the local area.
Pool opening / closing / winterising and refurbishment service.

We would also be happy to provide customers with a maintenance tutorial to show how everything works and when and how to perform certain tasks. Just call us on 01344-873323.

We stock liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) in store collection only.

20 Litrs 14/15% @ 23.95 Including Vat

10 Litrs 10/11% @ 15.95 Including Vat

Replacement liners fitted.
Pumps / filters & heat pumps fitted etc.


Basic Pool Care

Owning a swimming pool is the perfect way to relax. Your pool is a major asset, if maintained correctly it will bring many hours of pleasure for the whole family. This guide outlines the basic requisites for keeping your above ground pool in pristine condition.

Above ground swimming pools are available in a multitude of different shapes, sizes and designs; consequently it is not possible to offer advise for a specific make of pool.

Click here to see our range of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Electric Heaters for your pool.




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