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We are delighted to introduce you to the world of the Domo Sauna with the guarantee of exceptional build quality with realistic prices. Saunas have been used for generations to create a "Wellness factor" for you and your body. Such is the grow in demand for Sauna therapy throughout Europe there are now a number of different Sauna applications to suit your own personal requirements from a conventional sauna to a steam combination sauna or an infrared. Here we offer you the latest of these technologies - the Infrared Sauna.

Quality you can trust made in Austria. Expertly manufactured in a country that has had decades of Sauna experience, Domo is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe today. With a manufacturing development in excess of 75,000 sqm Domo are able to offer exceptional high quality workmanship, with expedient service.
Established in 1978 Domo offer a complete package. No other company can offer you the range of different sauna systems. From conventional to combination steam/sauna, various infrared models to custom made installations that can all be delivered direct to your door.

If you believe in quality them believe in Domo.

Delivery price included in all saunas (UK Mainland only) all saunas are directly dispatched from Austria, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery. All saunas are palletised and delivered to driveway.

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The Mexico Infrared Sauna The Juwel Infrared Sauna The Moon Infrared Sauna The Delphin Infrared Sauna

What is infrared?
Infrared cabins harness the natural energy of life. The body is heated through infrared radiation, as is the case with the sun. Unlike steam Saunas, a cold shower is not required after use. Research shows that far infrared rays with a wavelength of between 5.6um and 15 um are the most beneficial to the human body.

How does infrared work?
Radiation emitted by an infrared source (like the Sun), heats the skin and the underlying tissue layers very efficiently. This heat is then transmitted to the whole body through the circulatory system. It is a safe form of radiation and an excellent way to relax and increase your general sense of well being without side effects.

Detoxify and loose weight, in a comfortable 30 min session you can loose up to 600-calories. 80% of the radiation penetrates the skin and the body. This stimulates blood flow while the purification process removes toxins from the body and the ideal oxygen balance boosts our store of energy.
Pain relief. Get the pain relief from arthritis and muscle pain. Get all the benefits of being in a hot dry climate without going abroad.
Flush away toxins, ease stiffness, aches and soreness from arthritis.

Boost your immune system- look and feel better.
Reduce unsightly cellulite- three times more effective than a conventional sauna at breaking down hard to move cellulite
Healthy for your heart. A 30 min session is equivalent to walking or jogging 10-15 kilometres without any impact on joints.
Enjoy youthful, radiant younger looking skin. Infrared helps to promote the body's capillary system, which will increase blood circulation to the surface of the skin. As a result, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin's firmness, texture, complexion and tone.

The air temperature in the infrared cabin only increases slightly but feels very warm and dry, due to the way that the heat is generated and transmitted to the body ie by radiation like the sun. In conventional saunas the heat is transmitted by convection. The relaxing atmosphere (38 to 43 degs C) strengthens the immune system and dispels stress and fatigue.

Usual procedure.
A 30 minute infra-red sauna session is sufficient on account of the greater amount of sweating and the deeper penetration of heat.

Who can benefit.
Thanks to the more comfortable temperature, infrared cabins are also suitable for more sensitive users such as children and older people.
Power supply.
230 v. Approx 1.5 KW/hour. Uses a standard 13A mains plug, so no special electrics required and much cheaper to run than a conventional sauna (a standard steam sauna requires about 7.5 KW).




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