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All types of pool heating from Garden Leisure Budget swimming pool heaters for Frame Set, Easy Set, Splasher Swimming Pools etc. to large gas heaters and solar panels & solar matting. Extend your swimming season, from Spring - Autumn, and even into winter if required by adding the appropriate heater. Solar covers are recommended when using heating to avoid heat loss. Large discounts available on Laars / Jandy gas heaters. 

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Pros and cons for heaters. Which heater is best for me. How much do they cost to run?


Electric heaters

Probably the easiest and cheapest option and occupies least space in the pump room is the electric heaters range. The small 3kw Garden leisure models designed for the splasher pools and easy/frame pools comes complete with a 13Amp plug and is now fitted with a thermostat and flow switch. The have 1.25" pipe connections and is the largest in terms of electrical power, that can be connected via a normal 13A plug. The 5KW version designed for the larger splasher / easy pool, requires a direct connection to the supply, and should only be carried out by a fully qualified Electrician! The running costs of an electric heater or any other heater, depends on so many variable factors, such as, the desired temperature set by the thermostat, the outside air temperature, the amount of direct sunshine falling on the water, the solar cover on/off time, etc. that it is impossible to put a price on running costs. A good option is to look at the tariffs of various energy suppliers, you will probably find one that offers a cheap rate off peak tariff, that can more than halve the rate during the night. This often means that the daytime rate increases slightly. For this option the heater must be large enough to get the pool water up to the desired temperature, in the low tariff time window. Using off peak electrical tariffs usually brings the costs of electrical pool water heaters, down to their equivalent gas option. All current safety regulations and guides must be followed when using electric pool heaters.


Gas Heaters

Gas pool heaters are the best option for larger pools. Offering high power and therefore fast warm up times. They can be installed outdoor or indoor with the appropriate flue. The installation requires a Corgi qualified gas fitter. They are cheaper to run than electric heaters on normal tariffs, but are generally more expensive to buy initially. The top of the range gas heaters, can also be used to heat a hot tub, by diverting the water using a series of valves etc., but this should be left to the experts.

Heat Pumps

Basically it is a heating device that works almost like an Air Conditioner in reverse. Where an Air Conditioner takes ambient temperature air in, and converts it to cold air by the use of a compressor and Freon Gas etc., a Heat Pump does the reverse. It takes in ambient temperature air and converts it to heat, then transfers it to the water via the heat exchanger.


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