Winter / Debris Covers

Pool Cover Fixing

Winter Debris Pool Covers are manufactured 1ft larger than the pool all round the perimeter from a woven polyethylene UV stabilized material. This forms a protective layer over the pool, reducing the risk of frost damage to the pool underneath and discolouration from leaves and debris that may fall into the pool during winter.

They are supplied in a green/black finish and the deluxe fittings shown, made up of "P" anchors complete with an integral stainless steel spring and slide bar buckle. They are supplied with white plastic plugs to slot into the holes when not in use and require a 6mm drill, Strap spacing is normally between 3' to 5' on the width and 4' to 5' along the length.

Why do I need a Winter/debris cover?

During the off season winter months, when the pool is not in use, in order to prevent your pool from turning into a stagnant pond, full of leaves and algae, there are two options. Either you keep the filtration running and maintain the chlorine levels all year or you winterise the pool, and cover it with a debris cover. These have two main functions. To prevent leaves and debris from entering the water, and to prevent the Sun's UV from turning the water green. The winterising process, i.e. shock the water to 10 ppm, run filtration for several hours then add winterising liquid algaecide, and again run filtration, and then cover the pool with the winter cover. If this process is carried out, then the water should be as clear as the day you covered it, when the pool is re opened in the following spring. You may have to also drain water from the plant/plumbing to prevent ice forming.

Rectangular Winter Debris cover prices - £16.08 + p&p per Metre, example prices:

Plain Rectangle + 4' radius Roman end + 5' radius roman end
12' x 24' Add to cart £597 Add to cart £CALL Add to cart £CALL
14' x 28' Add to cart £783 Add to cart £CALL Add to cart £CALL
15' x 30' Add to cart £884 Add to cart £CALL Add to cart £CALL
16' x 32' Add to cart £985 Add to cart £CALL Add to cart £CALL
18' x 36' Add to cart £1221 Add to cart £CALL Add to cart £CALL
20' x 40' Add to cart £1476 Add to cart £CALL Add to cart £CALL

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